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The viceral groove of funk combines with the vintage sounds of blues and rock to create the musical cocktail that is Joshua Matherson. Never one to be pigeon holed, Joshua has consciously searched for melodic inspiration from a smorgasboard of musical delights. The majority of Josh’s 22 years growing up on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales have been spent exploring, with little or no discrimination, the diversity of the music world.

From performing and jamming with musicians of all different shapes, ages, genres and abilities, to ‘roadying’ PA gear for festivals of equally diverse musical range, Josh’s musical journey has been far from narrow and anything but predictable!

Influenced heavily by artists such as Jamiroquai, Eric Bibb, John Mayer, Bob Marley, INXS and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers amongst many others, Joshua has found his own groove playing simplistic Blues-funk with a Pop edge.

Josh’s music has a bit of everything. From Pop, Reggae, Blues, Funk and Rock and even traces of Latin American, the diversity of songs keeps it entertaining and anything but predictable.

His tracks are composed generally over a certain span of time. Where changes can be made and unmade, parts added and subtracted and lyrics well thought through.